How to Install and run Matlab in your personal computer

If you want to run MATLAB on your (personal computer) PC, the Student Version, it is quite possible that you should  install it yourself. You can easily accomplish this by downloading the set up from official matlab page. click here to download matlab set up.

Follow the installation instructions as you would with any new software you install. At some point in the installation you may be asked which toolboxes you wish to include in your installation, where you can select the required toolbox for your project or work. Unless you have severe space limitations, we suggest that you install any that seem of interest to you or that you think you might use at some point in the future.We ask only that you be sure to include the Symbolic Math Toolbox among those you install. If possible, we also encourage you to install SIMULINK.

Depending on your version you may also be asked whether you want to specify certain directory (i.e., folder) locations associated with Microsoft Word. If you do, you will be able to run the M-book interface. If your computer has Microsoft Word, we strongly urge you to include these directory locations during installation. If you allow the default settings during installation, then MATLAB will likely be found in a directory with a name such as matlabR12 / matlab SR12 / MATLAB

you may have to hunt around to find it. The subdirectory bin\win32, or perhaps the subdirectory bin, will contain the executable file matlab.exe that runs the program, while the current working directory will
probably be set to matlabR12\work.