Full stack web developer job description (Certification and placement)

Here we discuss about full stack web developer job description. How many coding languages does a full stack web developer actually know? Is it possible to become a full stack web developer in just one year? Here we are going to touch on these topics.

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Full stack web developer job description

A full stack web developer is someone who knows the various coding languages for the front-end design and development of a website along with the backend coding languages and knows how to manage and maintain a Linux server. So in essence it’s someone that handles every aspect of a website from the front end, back end and the server side. on top of that they also know how to work with a database management system. In this post we are discussing about front end. Click here to read about back end

What are the coding languages that a full stack knows?

Typically the stack that most of the full stack developers work with would be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, PHP, mysql, limit server administration. get for version control and gulp as the task runner.

What is HTML?

We are going to start off here, because this is the skeleton of every single website online. This creates the structure of a website. Typically if you look at the source code, It will include the HTML tag, the head tag, the body tag, section tags, div tags etc..,

What is CSS?

CSS is the cascading style sheets. This is what actually helps to make your website look good. CSS will look into the layout of a website, the colour, schemes, the font choices and things of that nature. If HTML is the skeleton of a website, CSS is the skin of the website.

 What is JavaScript?

Here the things start getting a little bit more complicated. JavaScript and jquery (Jquery is the library for JavaScript) adds more interactive features like hover effects, sliders etc.

All the above discussed topics cover the front end of a website. The HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the library of jquery. if you know this aspect of it then you are a front-end designer or developer.

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