Which is better mongodb or mongoose (100 % Basics)

Which is better mongodb or mongoose

Every MEAN stack developers may ask this question during the start of their carrier. Before providing a solution to the question ” Which is better mongodb or mongoose ”  you should know about the difference between mongodb and mongoose.

What is a MongoDB ?

MongoDB is a NoSQL database system which stores data in the form of BSON (Binary JSON) documents.In BSON file both the key and value are represented in quotes.  NoSQL means not only SQL, that is not only structured query language. MongoDB can be used as structured and non structured database.

What is a mongodb ?

Mongoose is essentially a schema based solution to model your application data. The schema creates key value pairs for the different data types.

what does Mongoose do ?

Mongoose creates an easy-to-use object reference when interacting with MongoDB. and what makes Mongoose great is that, our database gets modeled within our code.

Pros and cons of Mongoose

In Mongoose, user can define the schema for the documents in a particular collection. It provides a lot of convenience in the creation and management of data in MongoDB. On the downside, learning mongoose can take some time, and has some limitations in handling schemas that are quite complex.

Pros and cons of Mongodb driver

If your collection schema is unpredictable (facebook is a good example because data in the comment section of a post may contains pictures, videos, strings, stickers etc..) then you can use the MongoDB driver.

If you want a Mongo-shell like experience inside Node.js, then go ahead and use the MongoDB driver. It is the simplest to pick up. on the downside is that you will have to write larger amounts of code for validating the data, and the risk of errors is higher.

In Node js, MongoDB is a native driver to interact with a mongodb instant and mongoose is an object modelling tool for mongodb.

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