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We help students

we help students to study lessons in electronics and related fields and make them able to withstand in this competitive world. we mainly focuses in competitive exams, study materials contains frequently asked questions in various interviews and exams conducted by BSNL, ISRO, BEL, GATE, NET … etc.

How we got started

In 2016 August Vishnu vasudev and Vinu vasudev started studyelectronics.in under the organization Weboctor. Both of them are brothers as well as engineers got graduation from Government Engineering College Idukki, kerala, India. After completing B.Tech Vinu vasudev started working as a software engineer (Malaysia). After B.Tech in Electronics vishnu vasudev continued his studies got M.tech in communication Engineering, now he is working as an Assistant Professor.

Contact Info

We’d love to hear from you. you can contact us through mail studyelectronics.in@gmail.com, through Telephone +919747915119, through postal service Vishnu Vasudev / Vinu Vasudev, sukanya, parumala po thiruvalla, pin 689626, kerala, India.