Image courtesy : Google image Colpitts oscillator is a type of LC oscillator which is designed for the generation of high frequency sinusoidal oscillations with the radio frequencies. Typically ranging from 10KHz- 300MHz. Colpitts oscillator is designed by and named after an American Engineer Edwin H Colpitts in 1918. Figure shows the circuit of a …

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Question and Answer Discussion

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image courtesy : internet The wien bridge oscillator is a type of RC oscillator, that produces the sinusoidal output.¬† It is commonly used in audio and Sub-audio frequency ranges, that is 20- 20KHz. The maximum frequency of the output of a wien bridge oscillator is only about 1MHz. It has two stage RC amplifier each …

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Image courtesy : Internet RC phase shift oscillators are commonly used for generating audio frequencies, that is 1Hz to 10MHz. RC phase shift oscillator consist of an inverting amplifier followed by a feed back network with phase shift of 180 degree. The 180 degree phase shift at the feedback can be obtained by the combination …

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Picture courtesy : google Schmitt trigger is an electronic circuit with positive feedback which converts a sinusoidal or any analog signal to digital signal. Schmitt trigger is a comparator circuit with hysteresis, that is the output transition from high to low and low to high will occur at different thresholds. Schmitt trigger belongs to the …

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