Bipolar Junction Transistor rrb je electronics

BJT or Bipolar junction transistor consist of three terminals. They are base, emitter and collector. It is used for amplification of weak signals and switching operations. It has two types of physical structures namely PNP and NPN. IN PNP, N type semiconductor is sand-witched between two P type semiconductors. In NPN, P type semiconductor is …

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PN Junction Diode for rrb je electronics

PN junction Diode is formed by joining P type semi conductor and n type semiconductors. Due to diffusion of electrons and holes from P region and N region a depletion layer is formed in between P type and N type semiconductors. This region consist of positive and negative ions. Where positive ions aligned on the …

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[MCQ] Conductor, Semiconductor and Insulator rrb je electronics

This post contains all the theoretical explanations of conductor, semiconductor and insulator, followed by a Mock Test with Multiple Choice Questions . Difference between Conductor, Semiconductor and insulator parameter Conductor Semiconductor Insulator Resistance Low medium High Conductance High medium Low Temperature +ve temp coeff. -ve temp coeff. -ve temp coeff. Current High medium Low Free …

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Syllabus wise Study material for RRB JE Electronics

Syllabus wise Study material for RRB JE Electronics

Here we provide syllabus-wise study material for RRB JE Electronics & Allied Engineering Group. You can directly Click on the links for the study material of corresponding topics. Check this page regularly to get new updating topics and study material. It will be good to bookmark this page or subscribe website to get regular updates. Options for Subscription is Available on the right side of this page ( lower portion for mobile viewers).

We are also providing Multiple choice questions, free online mock test in topic wise as well as completely for entire topics. which will help you in exam for time management. Questions discussing in the mock test is from previous year question papers of railway.

Electronic Devices and circuits

Electronics component & materials – Conductors, semi conductors and insulators

Multivibrators – Astable multivibrator, Monostable Multivibrator, Bistable Multivibrator

Oscillators – Hartley Oscillator, Colpitts Oscillator, Wien Bridge Oscillator, RC Phase Shift Oscillator

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Important Books To Crack RRB JE

We prepared this list from the suggestions of  Junior Engineers who got selection in 2014.


RRB JE Recruitment exam  from GK Publications

COMBO PACK OF RRB JE Study Guide 2019 from ARIHANT

Shortcut in Reasoning from Disha Publications