Back End Developer in full stack developer (beginners)

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Back End Developer in full stack developer

Back end languages are dynamic coding languages like PHP or Python or nodejs. Here the developer is sitting in a web server which is located in data centre. When a person visits a website they will see the actual website itself. If they view page source they will see the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They have access to that but they won’t have access to the server-side code. Which means your code and the server is more secure. This is what used to dynamically generate any output of HTML, CSS or JavaScript depending on what page of what view the person is looking at the website. Back end developers are most focused on a site’s responsiveness and speed

PHP and mysql

PHP and mysql work hand-in-hand. mysql is the database think about it like Excel and PHP works from mysql in order to generate the content needed to deliver to the end user.

What type of operating system does a typical website use? The vast majority of websites use Linux operating systems. The typical distribution of Linux used is either a Ubuntu or Cent OS. So a full stack web developer knows how to work with those versions of Linux along with the other coding languages as well.

The more advanced full stacks will also work with version control so what I like to work with is called git. This makes your entire workflow seamless. ‘Git’ is by far one of the most popular version control systems. ‘Get’ is definitely be part of the toolset that a full stack web developer uses. This is a very large topic and we will discuss it in another post

Mongodb is the database which provides high performance, high availability & easy scalability. It is a cross platform object oriented database.  A single MongoDB server typically has multiple databases.

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