How to Become a Full Stack Developer (As Fast As possible)

How to Become a Full Stack Developer in 1 Year?

How to Become a Full Stack Developer in 1 Year ? That is something you will come across. Is it possible to become a full stack web developer in just one year?  A lot of coding languages and technologies that you have to learn so let’s break it down. First you have to realize in order to become a master at anything it’s going to take a considerable amount of time. you can become a master web developer in just one year. But you could definitely learn the fundamentals of being a full stack web design and developer.

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Before Going further, It is good to check What is a full stack web developer? 

How to study HTML & CSS?

What it does take is making sure you dedicate the amount of time necessary in order to learn. how much time are we talking about well in order to learn HTML that’s where you should definitely start off . If you dedicate two to three hours per day for one month just focus in on HTML you’ll definitely be on your way. After learning HTML or at least the fundamentals of it you’ll move on to CSS. This will take you another month or two, in order to learn the basics and the fundamentals of how to incorporate CSS with HTML so now we’re at three months in total.

How to study JavaScript & jquery?

From there we’ll move on to JavaScript and jquery. Again this will get more complicated especially as you move further down the line of becoming a full stack. But here you will definitely need to dedicate around two to three months in order to learn JavaScript and jquery. Now again you won’t be a master of JavaScript or jQuery. But you can learn the fundamentals in two to three months. Once you finish this part of it. You know the fundamentals of front-end web design and development that encompasses HTML CSS JavaScript and jquery. All this takes about 6 months.

How to study server-side coding language?

Now we move on to the server-side coding language and database that you’re gonna be using. I use PHP, others use Python some use nodejs. There’s a whole bunch of other options out there. For a database you have mysql, Maria DB, MongoDB and a bunch of others as well. But you’ll typically work with a server-side coding language like PHP. This will handle all the dynamic functionality and processing of any request being made. The database like mysql will have all the information that will be stored.

Information of any dynamically generated content that will be delivered to the web browser and any data that website might need like say it’s a real estate website. But homes are for sale, how many bedrooms, does it have things of that nature. this what you would find in a database so the learning of a coding language like PHP or Python and a database management system like mysql will typically be about three months. Now we have about nine months under our belt in terms of learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and my sequel.

What do we do at the final three months? well this is when we’re gonna start learning, how to work with Linux again it’s gonna be either a boom – or sent to us. You can learn the general fundamentals within about a month. so now we’re at ten months at that point but I suggest you also do is you may want to consider learning version control like get any tasks run it like gulp in order to automate a lot of your workflow. This will definitely be vital to your whole entire career as a full stack web.

Importance of learning Git by Developers

Developer by learning git and gulp you can definitely be improving your workflow. You’ll be saving yourself a significant amount of time in the long run so the combination of learning Linux get and go can take a total of about two months. At this point we have 11 months done now for the last month you put everything together. You test everything out and you make sure that everything’s secure, optimized, efficient and performs well.

Now how do you learn all this stuff, well you do it locally on your computer. But my recommend is getting a local web server like MAMP or local by flyable you could work with any computer you have it could be a Windows computer, Mac OS or a Linux based computer as I mentioned in the previou post. You should dedicate 2 to 3 hours per day, in order to effectively give yourself enough time.

If you want to become a full stack developer as fast as possible ?

If you want to become a full stack web developer and if you want to do it as fast as possible you’re gonna have to create your own boot camp. well what is that well a coding boot camp is where you go to a location where there’s a bunch of students learning how to code.  Typically a coding boot camp could be about 3 to 6 months long. They dedicate the entire day to learning how to code. So now you’re in an environment where there’s other students and instructor teaching you how to become a coder working about 8 hours per day.

That’s why typically after a coding boot camp you’re able to find a job. Now boot camps are great but they do cost a significant amount of money. So how can you emulate that type of situation in your home environment. Well again you’re gonna have to dedicate serious time to learning how to code. You don’t want to get all the books. You are gonna want to YouTube it, find the documentation pages of all the different coding languages and take some online courses. Don’t treat it like a hobby. Treat it like something that you are seriously gonna tackle on a day to day basis.


Three hours a day is good, if possible more. If you can break down those hours throughout the day maybe an hour in the morning and hour in the afternoon and another hour towards the evening. Now you might be scratching your head saying seriously I don’t have three hours a day to learn. How to do this and that is when your time management comes into play. How focused are you, how disciplined are you, are you able to turn off the TV, silence your cell phone and eliminate any distractions for specific periods of time. If not find another location where you can go to in order to practice and study. But if it’s something you really want to achieve then just do it now. Remember what I said after one year of learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, my sequel and Linux server administration. You won’t be a master but you’ll be well to becoming a full stack web developer all right.